About Us

Aiming for more
Fire Arms Store Canada is probably, arguably, the most personable, comfortable, and light-hearted gun shop online, serving licensed Canadian gunnies from coast to coast.

Naming for more
We chose the name Fire Arms Store Canada because it’s simple, honest, and fearless. Those qualities define us, besides family, community, responsibility, honor, and hard work. Canadian through and through, we’re confident you’ll come to see the Fire Arms Store Canada team as your local folks

Stocked and loaded
With us, you can always shoot for more. Visit the online gun store to stock and load for your shooting hobbies, adventures, and sports. From Eh to Zed, we ship Canada-wide.

Licensed to thrill
If you haven’t already, get yourself a PAL (yup, we’ll wait). If you’ve got a legit appreciation for gun fun, and agree with the following statement “guns are fun, so are puns”, we shall be good pals.


Hunting and shooting sports are integral to Canada’s cultural heritage.

We advocate for a better future, when law-abiding gun owners, hunters and shooters can pursue their passions for firearms without being villainized by the misinformed. While misinformation is spread and sensationalized by the unethical few in media and politics, there are a number of respectable media and politicians who work tirelessly to elevate the common good, not personal opportunities. We choose to amplify the voices of those who’re building the same future we’re working towards.